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“We take our responsibility as trainers seriously. We are committed to deliver the best opportunity for our students to learn then practically apply that learning. Take a few minutes to explore our website and see for yourself how this unique blueprint for learning works.”

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image5Hard-hitting and emotional drama for teaching valuable management and professional skills. Currently, we have three courses on offer: Leadership through Supervisions, Practical Safeguarding and Childminders Count.

Let’s Talk About Teeth

A brand new magazine-style show focusing on children’s dental health and how we can address its growing problems. A captivating and educational programme for practitioners, childminders and parents alike. 


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Practical Safeguarding

Safeguarding and early intervention is everyone’s business. How does it feel to be part of the safeguarding process? It’s like watching a serious case review unfold before it happens.

Let’s Talk About Teeth

A quarter of five year olds have tooth decay when they start school. Tooth decay is largely preventable, yet it remains a serious problem. This course will help you to really make a difference.


What happens when the higher ups get it wrong? This course encourages managers to include their staff in the implementation of supervisions, and explores why some might perceive it as an exercise “just for Ofsted”.

Let’s Talk About Colour

Often there is confusion when it comes to fully understanding difficult concepts in the development of children. Let’s Talk About Colour shows practitioners and parents just how easy it can be.

Childminders Count

Set around a childminding network based in the north of England. We will compare and contrast between the professional and well-established Natasha, and Shirley, who has recently been graded as “requires improvement”.