“Fantastic course”

Fantastic course, gives great ideas for my own business and answers any questions that i was worried about regarding setting up my business.

– Leanne, North Lincolnshire (Childminders Count)

“Full of useful information”

Overall I found this course to be very enjoyable and full of useful information, the “Snuggles” episodes were great to watch and full of information with the twist of humour and very real to overall experiences within a nursery.

– Lisa, Bradford (Leadership through Supervisions)

“Can’t praise it enough”

I feel the training was excellent I can’t praise it enough. I feel I have gained more knowledge and skills in this format of training than I have in a lot of other training. The drama made it very applicable to everyday situations managers and supervisors deal with on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this type of training to practitioners it increased learning and confidence.

– Sue, Stoke (Leadership through Supervisions)

“Held my interest”

The drama added so much more to the course rather than just reading or listening. It held my interest.  You could see first hand the problems and issues, how they were dealt with and the how everything came together in the end.  The evaluations were good to see what the experts made of the various situations. You can take so much away from this visual course.

Jane, Havering (Leadership through Supervisions)

“Extremely Effective”

I feel this form of training has been extremely effective. It isn’t a classroom environment where people can switch off it is in the form of a soap show like Coronation Street which people talk to and use as a way of relating back to real life. Huge well done to Sue and her team and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of this fork of training.

 Donna, Redcar (Practical Safeguarding)

“Excellent Tool”

I think this is an excellent tool which helps workers see situations that they deal with on a day-to-day basis and covers the ‘grey’ areas that come up in ‘real life’ relationships and scenarios that are not covered on traditional safeguarding courses.

– Clare, Manchester (Practical Safeguarding)


It was mind-blowing. I looked back and noticed how much I had learnt before I had completed the course and realised how much I know now. I have learnt so much about safeguarding during the course. I really like the way it teaches us, using drama. It really built my confidence for safeguarding.

– Charanjit, Hounslow (Practical Safeguarding)


Fantastic arrangement of key safeguarding facts and relevant information. As my setting’s Safeguarding officer it has made me instantly adapt my Safeguarding policy and has motivated me to ensure my team have a high standard of knowledge. I arrive at work everyday eager to discuss the training with others who will be completing the training alongside me. I completed the supervisions training and am now very excited to see what training Sue has in store for us next.

– Jade, Hounslow (Safeguarding)

“A Helpful Reminder”

This training has helped to remind me how much i do know, by refreshing my memory. Recently i have felt doubtful of the value of my knowledge and skills and this has helped to refresh previous learning and to remind me of how passionate i am for every child having the right to the best possible outcome all round.

Justine, North Yorkshire (4 stars)

“Fantastic Programme”

I feel this was a fantastic programme and really got into it like a real soap drama! I couldn’t wait for the next episode! I am glad to provide further comment to explain my answers as i have stated that i did not learn much from the programme; this is due to the fact that i work in an exceptionally deprived area and safeguarding is a massive part of my day to day role from identification and referral through to adoption panel. My staff team would love this training delivered in this way!

– Sarah, Doncaster (Practical Safeguarding)