Full Team Training

Training, but not as you know it!

Go a step further with SOAP with our Full Team Training package. Get everyone in the setting on board with your very own movie night or movie matinee. It’s guaranteed to be a hit!

How does it work?

  1. You will receive your enrolment keys in an email after purchasing a Full Team Training package. Depending on the course, you will receive 2 facilitators’ keys and a number of keys for staff. 
  2. Log onto the SOAP learning system and access the “Tutor Resources” section, where facilitators will be able to download a lesson plan, prompt questions and resources for the session. If you get stuck, the SOAP support team will be on hand to help.
  3. Facilitators will also have open access to the course and all of its materials. It is a good idea to become familiar with the videos and print out a copy of all of the handouts to distribute to your staff on the day.
  4. Choose a timescale for the delivery of the training to your staff.
  5. After the training session you can hand out enrolment keys to your staff to allow them to log in to the learning system, where they can take the final test, fill out the feedback form and obtain a CPD certificate.

Team Meeting

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  • Streamed straight to your home or setting.
  • A fully planned and facilitated learning programme for you to deliver to your team.
  • Helps you reinforce the learning through shared thinking and problem solving.
  • Improve team morale, and ensure practical application. Learn by watching others’ mistakes.
  • Make an event out of your training with printable tickets, posters and popcorn boxes!
  • Bespoke packages available for big teams.
  • Think about using your Early Year Pupil Premium.

Take classroom learning to the next level by using our materials!

With our leader/trainer package, you use all our online materials but in a classroom training environment. Our materials give you a secure foundation which you can adapt to meet your needs.

Please contact the team to start your creative learning journey!

Email us at info@soap.media or call – 01347 830034