Childminders Count

The drama is set around a childminding network based in the north of England. Three main characters help to deliver an important message about just how much childminders count.

Childminders Count also explores known issues and dilemmas related to the profession. Are you treating childminding as a hobby, rather than a business? And when your customers are your friends, do boundaries begin to seem blurred?

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About the Course

Claire is just starting out and thinking about leaving her secure job to set up on her own. Her perspective helps to explore the challenges facing new childminders.

Natasha is a well-established and highly successful businesswoman and a childcare practitioner, who has her husband Pete registered as her assistant. Watching Natasha and Pete at work gives us some fresh ideas about creating great first impressions with new and existing parents.

Finally we meet Shirley, who has been established for a long time as a childminder. She was recently graded as “requires improvement” at her last OFSTED inspection and has parents who owe her a lot of money.

We also meet Dale and Lucy, the young parents of Isaac, who help students look at how it feels to be a parent seeking a suitable place for their child as they consider returning to work.


  • Three modules containing four episodes of video learning.
  • Expert panel discussions to help the student fully understand the key learning points.
  • Downloadable course notes and pro-forma documents.
  • Internet Links to related areas of learning.
  • Carefully structured, thought provoking Reflections.

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Module 1

  • Taking funded children into your childminding business.
  • Setting up a childminding business.
  • Thinking of home-based childcare as a business, not a hobby.

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Module 2

  • First impressions count.
  • A parent’s perspective.
  • Collecting the money from parents who won’t pay.

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Module 3

  • Prospective parents show-round.
  • Effective stay and play session.
  • The business of childminding.


Childminders Count is available to purchase for a single user.

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  • 1 access key to the SOAP online learning system,
  • CPD certificate upon completion of the course,
  • Email and telephone support from the SOAP team.

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