Leadership Through Supervisions

This programme encourages managers and supervisors to include their staff in the development process. It challenges the student to consider the drivers behind their introduction and explores why some people might perceive it as an exercise ‘just for Ofsted’.

Equally, if it isn’t for Ofsted why are they doing them? Is it linked to Child Protection or Better Outcomes for Children?










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About the Course

This course is an opportunity to understand the difference between a supervision and immediate intervention to lead good practice. Peppered with examples of coaching and mentoring, students can see for themselves what does or doesn’t constitute a Supervision.

The story follows Charlotte and her team at Snuggles Nursery. What happens when managers get it wrong? Watch her as she holds a staff meeting and motivates her team, who are resistant to change, to develop a picture of their Vision and Values. And see how she comes to terms with new management tools such as Skill / Will and using SMART targets.


  • Five modules containing ten episodes.
  • Expert panel discussions to support each episode.
  • Downloadable course notes and pro-forma documents.
  • Internet links to related areas of learning, including serious case reviews.
  • Carefully structured, thought-provoking Reflections.

Module 1 Title Image

Module 1

  • Resistance to change and the introduction of Supervisions.
  • Turning it round – bringing the staff on board.
  • The background – Nutbrown and Tickell.

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Module 2

  • A look at Motivation – Intrinsic and Extrinsic.
  • Is it for Ofsted or the Children?
  • Defining your Vision and Values.

Module 3 Title Image

Module 3

  • The Paperwork – the benefits of involving the Team.
  • The Policy, Agreement and Recording Form.
  • The Safeguarding Issues.

Module 4 Title Image

Module 4

  • Performance Management.
  • Skill / Will.
  • S.M.A.R.T.

Module 5 Title Image

Module 5

  • Getting it right.


Leadership through Supervisions is available to purchase for a single user, or as a package for a management team.

Single User: £25


  • 1 access key to the SOAP online learning system,
  • CPD certificate upon completion of the course,
  • Email and telephone support from the SOAP team.

Full Team: £99


  • 10 enrolment keys for leaders,
  • 1 enrolment key for a training facilitator,
  • CPD certificates upon completion of the course,
  • Access to training support materials and resources,
  • Email and telephone support from the SOAP team.

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